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2020 Predictions

THEO is a self-described collective group of 12 archangelic beings that have channeled via Sheila Gillette since she had a near-death experience in 1969. The idea dawned to have an experience of conversing with Sheila-THEO to ask predictions for 2020—a personal first for this interviewer. Sheila and her husband Marcus called from their Arizona home. Some normal introductions ensued, followed by Sheila invoking THEO. Then her voice timber and syntax made a startling change to something sci-fi robotic but esoterically peaceful. With prediction questions ranging from the presidential elections and impeachment hearings to climate change, the responses were consistently educative and optimistic—presumably boding well for the new decade. We shall see.

Sheila Gillette
Sheila Gillette

Common Ground: Wow! This is an unusual and unprecedented Q&A but here goes. What does it mean to communicate with angelic entities? With whom are we speaking?

THEO: You are speaking to a collective group of 12 archangelic beings, collectively known as THEO. We do not identify singularly, for it is the message that is of impor, not the messenger.

Moments ago I was speaking with Sheila, now it is a completely different voice and energy.

Yes. By agreement we utilize this physicality to bring a message forth of the consciousness shift that is occurring on planet Earth now. So, by this agreement, by The Sheila, we are utilizing her vocal chords to have the ability to speak and to share that message.

What do you say to cynical readers who may roll their eyes about such a premise?

They have not experienced it for themselves. Understand this—all beings are connected to higher self, Source… and even those who think there is nothing more than human experience would be quite surprised when they leave their bodies, for it is to understand that there is far more connectivity energetically around your world than you can imagine. And it is here that we are mentors, guides, supporters for the human experience. That is why we have come.

What significant changes or trends do you foresee in 2020?

We have been speaking about these changes for more than four decades. The 5th dimensionary energy fully in place about the earth now has been evolving at a frequency level for over a hundred years, fully culminated and aligned energetically in the year 2012. Now moving into 2020, what is predicted, as you are asking, is this chaos that is seen in the world will come to completion. Political changes are coming rapidly throughout the world, not only in the country where you live, and economic changes, a global connectivity…The frequency and vibrations are so high that the consciousness is shifting to meet it.

A good time for collective spiritual growth?

Yes, that is what it is all about, for you do not put your soul in your closet before you go to work. Everything that you do is spiritual.

Yet there is so much apprehension, a gathering storm, divisiveness and war.

That is correct. That is how it has been and that has been the paradigm of human experience, hasn’t it? If you are paying attention to the different areas of the world, people are standing up and saying, “No, there is going to be change.” The old paradigm of being in the world is up-leveling and changing by the demands of the people.

Do we have free will or is it all predestined?

You have free will. Your will is the most powerful thing you have. That is your soul’s essence. For you are deciding everything for your life, nothing else is. You choose to be incarnate. Nobody forced you to get in a body. In fact, it is miraculous that you are in one. It is a gift, ultimately. So, the soul decides. Know that the law of attraction or manifestation is always working. It is energy. It is around you all the time. Thoughts are things. Words are things. So be mindful of how you think and speak of yourself and about yourself, for this can change what you have in your life. For what you have been thinking now has drawn energetically to you.

The quantum field has no decision or discernment about what you are thinking, that what you want is good or bad. It is just acting energetically. It is like the energy of electricity or the law of electricity. It is all around you. It has always been there. It took an innovative mind to know how to harness it and make it useful but know it has always existed. It is around you now as we speak. That energy of manifestation is the same. It is energy that is always working.

How do you project 2020 in terms of the fight against global warming?

It will win. This war against global warming will win because of education and knowledge and action, but it is important to know what is happening in the world. That is why we are saying, ”Do not sit on the side.” Be as active as you can. If each person did what they could do, large or small, changes would be significant. It is not to ignore it or to say, “They will take care of it.” No. It is consciousness. It is education. It is knowledge. Recognize the goodness that is coming into the world, the changes of industry that are coming in a positive way for this world. There are many things: New jobs. Things that people can innovate and bring forward.

Are you saying that polarization has hit a peak and going to a better direction?

It will, but understand this—you have the power to make this change. All of you do. Standing at the sidelines and complaining about it does not assist and does not make change. Take the action you can take, for that is important. Speak your voice. If that is in a vote, do it that way. Do not let others decide for you. If you give your power away, then there is no excuse. Is there? You are much more powerful than you think you are.

Of course, the question on everybody’s lips is, “Who is going to win the U.S. presidential election?”

You are asking for that prediction. In the last one, we predicted the woman, Clinton, and she did win the majority of votes, did she not? It is the structure politically that skewed who won. This must be changed if all votes are to be counted. This is in the country where you live. Other countries have their own problems. But you ask that your voices be heard and do away with antiquated systems that no longer work for the goodness of all. So we will not predict, but we see a change that will happen governmentally that is necessary in your country.

Can you predict the outcome of the impeachment hearings?

We see there will be removal; however, each person must pay attention to what is going on. Many say they do not want to hear it and put their heads in the sand, but you are an integral part if you are living in the country. It is like living with the family. It is true in your cities, your countries, your world. So, it is important to note that yes, with the impeachment there have been things that have been done publicly, but just because they are done publicly does not mean they are right. There is much that has been undermined in your government and your rules, and without rules there is an upheaval, and that is what you are beginning to experience in this division between you. You are one people of the world. Stand for each and every one of you in that sense of love and non-judgment. You know not what the heart is of another or their lessons to learn or what is happening in their lives, or they you. So, to sit in judgment of each other is improper. It is against each other. You are collaborative, not competitive.

What recommendations can you give to readers?

Yes. Do not sit on the sidelines of life. Be a participant. Whatever you do, say, “My voice was heard. I used my energy in the direction of what is right for my family and my brothers and sisters in humanity.” Trust your knowing. You all know the truth. You all have a resonance with core values. What are yours? Be aware of your core values. What is important to you? For that is what drives your life and your experiences and what manifests in your life. Pay attention to how you think. It is good to think all the good thoughts, but what is the second thought? Most often, it is a thought that you are not worthy of the dream and desire you just thought of. Change that ay of thinking and you change your world and you change the world for others in a positive way.

Thank you.

You are complete with your asking. We are appreciative of the opportunity to be of assistance. We are complete for this moment. God’s love unto you.

Rob Sidon is publisher and editor-in-chief of
Common Ground.

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