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Tina Malia

What a joy to receive a new offering from visionary singer and musician Tina Malia! Tina’s inherent beauty and artistry shines through each track on Anahata, carefully chosen from a month-long retreat of arranging the music for her favorite, most meaningful mantras.

Cover Anahata by Tina Malia

Informed by Tina Malia’s own inner evolution through chant, these original Sanskrit language invocations bring together the power of mantra and inspired instrumentation to draw us deeper into our loving spiritual center and open a space where light can shine through the brokenness of the heart—allowing us to release, renew, and celebrate life.

Tina writes, “Anahata is a Sanskrit word for ‘heart’—the ‘unwounded and unstruck center’ where our spirit resides. Mantras have been used for millennia to uplift, connect, and energize the body and mind. Through the repetition of mantras, coupled with the mystifying beauty of music, we create a place within us to deepen and revitalize the pure nature of the heart.”

Lyrics for all mantras on Anahata are included in the liner notes, so singing along is invited and made easy. Tina had prime support from Jared May, and percussion on one track each by two Spanish musicians, Ravi Ramoneda and Rafa Martinez. Recording took place in Vrindavan, India, Catalunya, Spain and Venice, California. Tina composed the original arrangements, and the recording quality is fantastic.

Tina is a singer, songwriter, and musician who spans the acoustic, world, dream pop, and sacred music genres. She has recorded and performed with a wide range of artists including Deva Premal & Miten, India.Arie, Kenny Loggins, Bonnie Raitt, and Jai Uttal. This is her sixth stellar album, from the classic debut Shores of Avalon to the recent Bridge to Vallabha. Tina’s extensive Bay Area history and yearly appearances make this album especially relevant, alongside her continual peacekeeper and global activist activities.


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