Posted on in On Our Radar by Steve Schapiro

The Neo Hippies


People say hippies were a phenomenon of the ’60s and early ’70s, but the movement carries on. It is said that the current hippie crowd, sometimes characterized as “bliss ninnies,” focus less on political activism and more on God, meditation, prayer, yoga, eye-gazing, and ecstatic dance (sometimes naked) as a way to capture the altered states previously found through psychedelics. The health focus is on raw organic vegan diets. This brand of bliss is best expressed through imagery, for which we thank Steve Schapiro, who has documented a catalog of photos in his self-published book entitled Bliss: Transformational Festivals and the Neo Hippie, with an introduction by Theophilus Donoghue.

sitting people
dancing people
dancing man and woman
naked people around the tree
smiling people
man in costume
man and woman are smiling
smiling woman

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