Can We Create a New Future through the Power of Thought?

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People like us, who believe in physics, know that
the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

—Albert Einstein

Can we influence our future through our thoughts? An unequivocal yes! Quantum physicists have discovered something very exciting, showing again that we can essentially completely change our lives at any time.

Humans transmit energies through our thoughts. Energy with a certain oscillation attracts reciprocal energy. We not only attract people and events toward us—to the same degree, we are also attracted by other people and events. The requirement is that both energies resonate with each other.

Now quantum physicists have discovered that quantum waves—for example, our thoughts and beliefs—work not only spatially but also temporally. They don’t just spread out in space, they also spread out in time. There are quantum waves that are communicated from the past toward the future that are known as normal quantum waves.

There are also energy waves—called conjugate complex waves—that are communicated from the future to the past! It is truly amazing.

The waves communicated toward the future are called propositional waves or “offer waves,” and those communicated in return toward the past are called “echo waves.” When two such waves meet, one of the waves will shape the other, bringing about what is known as an “event probability.”

According to quantum physics, the possibility that such an event occurs results “from the meeting of an offer wave from the past and a ‘matching’ echo wave from the future,” according to translator, writer, and editor Jörg Starkmuth, in his book The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World.

According to Starkmuth, “the past and future communicate in similar ways with each other, and through the meeting of matching signals create a concrete event of higher consciousness at the ‘midpoint,’ which is an experienced present. This means that not only does the past influence the future, but the future also influences the past!”

We might have a hard time understanding this notion because we tend to see time in a linear fashion, and always from the past to the future. So now the opposite should be possible.

The truth of the nonlinearity of time means that the future is not less real than the past, and the future already exists somewhere “out there.” Otherwise, it could not send any waves into the past, which is our present. And your future already exists, right now, in this very moment. Nevertheless, it is not predetermined, because we each have different possibilities to choose from. In fact, science has shown that the possibility exists that we can choose our future.

Science has made significant progress since 1980, when John G. Cramer made his initial sensational discovery. The common belief then was that only one reality exists and, accordingly, that we all have only one possible future. Meanwhile, scientists were discovering that there are different, parallel realities occurring at the same time.

This becomes truly interesting when we consider our successful wishing energy and our creative visualization.

It is assumed that time does not function in a linear fashion as we perceive, but rather everything is happening at the same time. So the past is happening in this moment, along with the present and the future.

Our consciousness perceives only one time—the present. We do not know anything else. This is not surprising, because our senses are limited. Nevertheless, we are surrounded by a wealth of other energies, oscillations, waves, and information.

Even if most of reality remains completely closed to us, there is nevertheless a part of ourselves that works on the other side of our perception, even if we do not understand how it works. This is quite similar to what happens with time. With our senses and our consciousness, we only accept the present truth. However, we now know that the past and future exist right now, in this very second. Even the term second is a construct, since there is no time, and so there are no seconds.

As there is not only one reality but many occurring simultaneously, we can be influenced by many echo waves from the future. With that, many different possibilities are available that open our future to development at the same time as our present and our past. Strictly speaking, our present develops from the offer waves that we sent out in our past. It’s as if we were in a movie whose ending depended on our decisions. We have the happy ending in our hands.

Every possible future sends its signals back, and these meet our offer waves.

Not all of these waves resonate with one another. This modulation of offer wave and echo waves occurs only when these waveforms are similar to one another. Only then does a socalled transition occur, which is the connection between our past—that which we sent out—and one of the many possibilities of the future. Only then a very high probability of an event is produced.

Where do the waves from the future come from?

Physicist Fred Alan Wolf concluded that every person who sends out energy, including everything that person thinks, sends an offer wave into the future and simultaneously also sends it into the past.

Strictly speaking, this wave works spherically. At the same time, echo waves are also sent from the future. Future events also send echo waves backward into our present. Thus, as Starkmuth said, the future exists in countless versions “in which countless variations of possibilities exist and send echo waves back into their past—my present.”

The energy we send out tests all possibilities of our different futures and creates a connection with the waveform of the future that is most like our offer wave.

Our offer wave pervades our entire future. All possibilities are tested, both in the next blink of an eye, as well as in the next year or the next century.

Quantum physics has discovered that the chronologically closer a future event is, the higher its resonance clarity. Our current level of consciousness determines all possible events in the near future.

If the anticipated events occur in a more distant future, resonance clarity is diminished; meanwhile, our current level of consciousness presents a clear direction. Since there are countless possibilities regarding levels of consciousness that send out energies, we can connect with each possibility. We do this as our offer waves communicate with echo waves and create an event possibility. In this way we are directly reached by our wishes. So wishing is nothing other than summoning from the many possibilities in our life.

Pierre Franckh is a bestselling author with more than 60 titles in print. He is also a coach and mental trainer, with numerous clients in the business world, as well as doctors, psychologists, and complementary health professionals.

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