Chakra Flow

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Suzanne Sterling & Christopher Krotky

This is a superb CD from Bay Area artists Suzanne Sterling and Christopher Krotky. Subtitled “Music for Yoga Meditation,” Chakra Flow is that and so much more. Dreamy, psychoactive, tribal in parts, rhythmically seamless in the flow through the chakras—a near-perfectly conceived and executed recording. And no wonder! These two groundbreaking artists have worked together for years, honing their craft, deepening the creative flow, and expanding their vision. Deeply tuned to the fast-growing yoga culture, their music is heard on numerous yoga DVDs, and this musical journey can accompany Vinyasa flow yoga, expressive movement, deep healing work, or any setting that would benefit from engaging music.

The nine tracks are at once meditative, rejuvenating, opening, evocative, and consistently great listening. Suzanne’s vocals are often wordless, or slightly under the mix, balancing and strengthening the musical creations. Christopher is a highly tuned producer, great drummer, and composer in his own right. By bringing in other Bay Area stalwarts like Tom Finch (guitar), Moses Sedler (cello), Charles Moselle (flute), and fellow ace producer John Alevizakis (oud, vocals), an incredible assemblage has been gathered to fully deliver their vision. This collaboration invites further exploration of this activating, awakened listening.


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