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Deva Premal

More than twenty years ago, Deva Premal burst onto the scene with Essence, a CD that included “Gayatri Mantra” as its opening track, forever changing the way New Age/chant/spiritual music would be received. To this day, Deva remains the one by whom all others are measured. Her concerts, her presence, her partnership with Miten merge into the true essence of today’s most meaningful music.

Now you can fall in love with the Gayatri mantra all over again with Deva Premal’s new album. Deva features a new long version that moves through the chakras in a healing flow, plus a transcendent collection of five other chants from the Vedic and Buddhist traditions—and closes this meditative journey with an even lengthier “Prabhu Mix” version. Deva is a calling—moving beyond the chattering mind, the heavy heart, and the numerous distractions of life into a place of refuge and conscious relaxation.

Tracks range from alluring chants with Miten to soaring bansuri lines by Nepalese maestro Manose, embedded inside a musical landscape created by ace producer Joby Baker. Deva’s golden voice carries the listener through a light-filled sequence of chants including Sarva Mangala, celebrating the Sacred Feminine; Prabhujee, composed by Ravi Shankar and featuring his daughter Anoushka Shankar on sitar; Buddham Sharanam, the classic prayer from the Buddhist tradition offering a moment to bow down in gratitude to our teachers, community, and practice; Mahamantra, chanted all over the world to exalt the sweetness and pure love of Krishna and Radha; and Vakratunda Mahakaya, an invocation to Lord Ganesha, the revealer of possibilities, the remover of obstacles.

Cover Deva

Deva is a deeply relaxing mantra sound-bath for body, mind, and spirit. This nurturing musical journey inspires everything from deep meditation or yoga to healing sleep to gentle dance movements, making the album tracks suitable for any playlist. Deva means “divine” in Sanskrit, and this beautiful collection of mantras reflects the many dimensions of Deva Premal’s soul and musical expression, from the beginning of her spiritual journey through today.

Read what others have shared about Deva: “Deva Premal’s new musical offering, Deva, is a sublime, transcendent masterpiece!”—Sharon Gannon (Founder JivaMukti Yoga); “Deva is sooooooo beautiful. It’s the perfect spiritual medicine for my heart and for the heart of the world at this moment in eternity. Thank you!!!”—Jai Uttal (Bay Area icon and Grammy-nominated kirtan artist); “I love the music of Deva Premal …It is truly a portal into Presence. As you listen, the sacred space that lies beyond the mind emerges naturally and effortlessly. Pure magic.”—Eckhart Tolle


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