Divine Grace Divine: Mantra Yoga in Motion

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Patrick Bernard

Cover Divine Grace Divine: Mantra Yoga in Motion

Long before contemporary chant was trendy, Patrick Bernard was inspiring audiences with his powerfully devotional compositions based on sacred Sanskrit, Latin, and Hebrew writings. Bernard’s recordings have won awards, been certified Gold, and even landed him on the Billboard charts. Since 1986 he has been a full-time producer composer of devotional music. Patrick recently released his fifth book, Music As Yoga: Discover the Healing Power of Sound. Twenty-five stellar album releases have established Patrick as a leading force in chant and mantra music. Still, none of these achievements have prepared his listeners for the beauty and magic of Divine Grace Divine, with its compelling yet subtle rhythmic layering.

These ancient healing mantras and universal sacred chants are translated into a contemporary musical form, using high-tech synthesized multi-choral progressions and, along with his nimble guitar playing, many ancient acoustic instruments. The music morphs and moves continuously through space and time, constructing a porous wall of sound that alights everywhere at once. Patrick casts a kaleidoscopic spell as he calls upon his DJ skills and knowledge of how to move people from the inside! Classical vocals and Indian classical vocal arrangements layer over much of the songs, while Rad “Rudra” Crasto plays sitar, Spanish guitar, and more. The closing track, after six supernatural journeys of around seven minutes each, is called “Om Shanti Bhakti Mantra” and offers a multidimensional culmination of Patrick’s vision on this, his latest expansive beauty.

A warm and richly complex musical texture generates an inviting background for his singing in which he freely expresses his heartfelt longing for many forms of Godhead. Bernard’s blend of soothing instrumentation with his soft devotional chanting over intricate chill rhythms on Divine Grace Divine is a perfect companion for any healing practice.



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