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Intimate Photographic Encounters With Women

Common Ground is proud to showcase the work of Lone Mørch, the Danishborn photographer who crisscrosses between her native Scandinavia and her adopted home in Marin County’s Sausalito, where she established Lulu’s Boudoir, a private studio that became a safe haven for women.

With her presence and her camera, Lone’s gift is being with women in the manner of a somatic therapist and capturing the breakthroughs. Much can be said of Lone’s images and we encourage you to obtain your personal copy of Embody. Suffice it to say that we were compelled to include this featurette in our Women issue. Equally we felt the best introduction emanates from Lone’s own preface:

“Intimacy requires time and closeness. Intimacy emerges when we dare to surrender to ourselves and each other with no need to defend or judge. In Embody women have met themselves through my lensview and found the freedom to see and be seen. Together we have lifted the veils on our shames, masks, prejudices, and unmet expectations and found reconciliation with our bodies. When the shame is gone, the body is beautiful.”

We’re very grateful to Lone and thank her brave and trusting subjects—ordinary women, not models—who have dared to embody and go on record. LoneMorch.com

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woman is swimming
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95 year old on bed
breast scar eyes
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