Eternal Om

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Lisbeth Scott

With a storied career on the top rung of the movie soundtrack ladder, Lisbeth Scott is recognized more for her voice than for her name. Now that Lisbeth has also found her place in the ever-expanding yoga music realm, it appears that her renown will spread even further.

Following her outstanding Om Sweet Om release in 2012, her latest, Eternal Om, explores new possibilities in the many limbs of sound and serenity. Lisbeth continues her journey of using her voice and music as an instrument of peace, contemplation, and healing. She is joined on a few tracks by fellow Soundtrack stalwart (and acclaimed cellist) Tina Guo; the musical landscape features performances by Nathan Barr (cello), Greg Ellis (percussion), The Other Deepak (violin), Dan Lutz (bass), Suzanne Teng (flute), and by composer Hans Zimmer.

Lisbeth began as a classical pianist headed for a concert career, but as soon as she could, ran away to California to literally find her voice. Someone heard her singing and playing piano for a modern dance class in the hills of Idyllwild and suggested her voice for a score. Now her voice and songs have appeared in over 150 films and TV shows, including Narnia, Avatar, Munich (in which John Williams wrote a five-minute solo specifically for Lisbeth), and Trueblood.

She has simultaneously developed her career as a solo artist, producing and recording 9 albums and working on her 10th. Along the way Scott picked up instruments—6- and 12-string guitar, dulcimer, harmonium, and calimba, to name a few. This combination of sounds and influences translates into a uniquely mesmerizing and powerful sound. In the vast yoga studio setting, the spaciousness and scope of the intertwining music on Eternal Om—masterfully blended voice, stringed instruments, and percussion keeping the beat of the breath—offers a full-bodied immersion.

Lisbeth is truly a vocal wonder. As she expands within the healing arts music world, there are endless moments of exquisite beauty, rhythmic delight, and a majestic flowing feeling that seeps into the depths of your heart with ease and grace.


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