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An iPhone Pictorial


The idea for this layout occurred earlier this summer while I was conversing at the counter of a local studio. While I love stunning images of expert yogis in perfect alignment in front of splendid backgrounds, the thought of a more pluralistic view beckoned. It occurred to me that we should illustrate regular Bay Area folks doing regular poses and capture this simply on a mobile phone.

I called Mary Serphos, who photographs only on an iPhone. She loved the idea and quickly agreed. It is with great pleasure that Common Ground presents “Everyday Yoga,” a pictorial of imperfect postures by the bay. Thank you, Mary.

To complement the images, we asked yoga students to complete the same simple sentence: “I practice yoga because . . .”

—Rob Sidon

“I lovingly experience the range of my being,
the flow of life, and my connection to the universe.”
—Lisa Hartnett

“It makes me a
better person,
internally and
—Jessica Kincaid

“It is my
favorite addiction.”
—Tara Dugan

“Making a commitment to this sacred practice has
harnessed my spiritual and physical energy,
which is my vital life source.”
—Deidra Alexander

“It has kept me
off a plethora of
medications that
others I know take
just to survive.”
—Jim Wilson

“When I don’t practice I
feel stuck. I must stretch.
Yoga helps me to
build strength
and remain sane.”
—Giulia Ontario

“It brings my
awareness within. I also
love connecting with
all of the conscious
individuals on the mats
around me.”
—Oliver Parker

“It transforms not only
ourselves but those
around us.”
—Elizabeth Shelhart

“Yoga is freedom for
the body and mind.”
—Dolores Mosquesa

“Yoga pumps oxygen into my brain and blood
and turns the lights on upstairs.”
—Elizabeth Daniels

“It eases my worried
mind and returns it to
the center.”
—Scott Landeck

“It is my connection with the
present moment, the deeper
connection to what
is real—the Self.”
—Trinity Sipila

“Yoga means everything to me! I am yoga
and yoga is me. We are one.”
—Muriel Murphy

“A good yoga class makes
me feel like I have taken a
shower and put on a nice
clean white shirt. Ahh. . . .”
—Sara Whiteford

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