Fire Arts

Posted on in Features by Rob Sidon

A Pictorial

Both modern and tribal, the fire arts aggregate widespread creative expressions from blacksmithing and glassblowing, to ritual dance and fire breathers, to stunts and fireworks. From our cave ancestors to Aborigines and Aztecs, to the Kalari dancers of India, to the European medieval troupes of yore, we want to honor the many originators. Proudly, the San Francisco Bay Area leads a global trend advancing contemporary fire arts, and Common Ground is pleased to present this pictorial homage.

Special thanks to The Crucible in Oakland, founded by Michael Sturtz, whose vision of educating generations has succeeded beyond imagination. Respect to the local Burning Man culture for impelling an international stage. Honors to the technicians, dreamers and welders, jugglers, spinners and paraders—to all who practice diligently and invite fire to be a gateway expression of inner light. Thank you for your spark and for making our world—more luminous.

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