Floating Home

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Bruce BecVar

Few musicians have a “naturally commercial” sound—the universal appeal that rings true throughout, with ease, grace, and sensitivity. Bruce BecVar has this magical touch of being immensely melodic and openhearted over a 30-year career. From the first notes of “Take It to Heart”—back in 1986—this encompassing sweetness, dexterity, adept playing, and above all, total heart, has been Bruce’s calling card. On his new Floating Home, even after 7 years without a new release (and 11 before that), Bruce’s sound is so immediately recognizable it’s like he never left.

Bruce plays most of the instruments on Floating Home himself, adding electronic orchestration in all the right places, gentle vocalizations, and sparkling hues that pour from his guitar. The tracks float and flow in ways that find a lyrical heart space with care and sensitivity. There’s a playful, positive spirit as well. Bruce’s clear-sailing melody lines are mixed brilliantly with bright folk picking and endless nuances that open, expand, and deepen at each juncture on this enchanting journey. His technique on acoustic guitar is most admirable. He’s also a well-known luthier—one of his handcrafted guitars is on display at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Cover Floating Home by Bruce Becvar

The closing track, “The Journey Continues,” brings it all home, a gorgeous recapitulation of Bruce’s many instrumental voices. These intertwining elements perfectly recall highlights from past offerings, such as the classic “Forever Blue Sky.” Heart-felt acoustic guitar spans the spectrum of colors, moods, and tempos, incorporating New Age, classical, jazz, and world elements while transporting listeners to tranquil, spacious destinations. Each song fits together and falls into place like a warm breeze fanning a palm tree in the tropics. For Bruce, our prayer is that the journey continues, Floating Home on waves of gratitude and wonder. ShiningStar.com


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