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Ajeet Kaur

In this breakthrough album, Haseya, Ajeet Kaur takes a bold path into the healing world of sacred song. Ajeet, acclaimed musician and Kundalini Yoga teacher who now tours the world both with her own band and with beloved chant artist Snatam Kaur, is the daughter of Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul) and Hari Kirin, yogini and soul-art practitioner.

Haseya (which means to “rise up” or “she rises”) is deeply integrated with the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of our ancestors, and an awakening of healing space, unlike any other music from the wealth of Kundalini Yoga–inspired recordings. With attention toward the emergence of the sacred feminine and indigenous cultures, Haseya is a journey with sound to heal with the earth. Bringing together musicians such as Peia, Vieux Aliou Cissokho of Senegal, Inkayko of Ecuador, John deKadt, Sukhmani Kaur Rayat, Landis, Ram Dass Khalsa, and Sarah Siri Kirtan, this music is an invitation to bring peace to our minds, our hearts, and our world. Ajeet envelops the listener with soulful weavings and powerful arrangements, such as the opening track, “Akaal,” which features Trevor Hall and Praful (bansuri), whose stirring contributions run ever so deep.

Ajeet’s recordings, concerts, and workshops are an offering of her own devotion and her desire to share healing with everyone. She blends the healing power of ancient mantras with a fresh and unique contemporary style.

Ajeet Kaur will be in San Rafael on September 24 at TMS Performing Arts Center for a CD release concert and workshop.



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