In Dreams

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Kimberly Haynes

Bathe in Kimberly Haynes’s soaring vocals on her exquisite new release, In Dreams. With songs in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Portuguese, this recording draws the listener irresistibly into the heart space with unique versions of beloved songs and prayers. This follow-up to her brilliant Awaken Me debut offers Kimberly’s interpretations of songs by Snatam Kaur, India Arie, Tina Malia, and Jai Jagdeesh—and that takes courage, a confident artistry, and vision, with a voice to match. That she pulls it off is immediately clear, as she brings her own sense of melody, tender heart, and angelic voice that fills the space with universal love.

Cover In Dreams Kimberly Haynes

The vibrant instrumentation will enchant you with charango, sansula, medicine drums, didjeridu, monolina, and other instruments both exotic and familiar. This is sacred world music at its best—dreamy, rhythmic, and inspired. Of particular note is her version of Tina Malia’s “Heal This Land”—tribal and reverent, sparse and spacious—featuring Stephen Kent. In Dreams is an album born out of many nights of prayer with beloved sisters and brothers.

There are equal parts magic and mystery throughout that traverse many styles, genres, and expressions. Chants are interspersed with devotional ballads, giving a sense that Haynes is leading the listener into a space of great reverence. It’s a magical collaboration with Vito Gregoli, along with Christo Pellani, Jesus Florida, Douglas Hurt, Stephen Kent, Jeff Oster, and others. You will hear Kimberly’s greatest musical influences—such as Shawn Colvin, Joni Mitchell, and Sarah McLachlan.

In Dreams is perfect warm summer listening, equally fine for romantic evenings of twilight circles and expansive community listening with a polished sound that invites you all the way in.


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