Cover of common ground magazine, February 2016 issue, featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono lying together. Headlines include various featured articles.

February 2016

The Love Issue

This is an exciting issue, from the cover of John and Yoko to the “Last Word” with David Bowie. Fifty years ago, John Lennon had just finished recording Revolver when he stepped into a London art gallery, on a lark, and his life changed forever when he met Yoko. Common Ground is grateful to Insight Editions for extending us the privilege of including Allen Tannenbaum’s final images of John and Yoko together, a portrait of deep, intimate, playful, spiritual, comfortable love.

Our interview with David Deida is exclusive—his first in a decade. Best known for his best-selling classic The Way of the Superior Man, a mainstay of men’s and women’s circles for nearly 20 years, Deida, who has been living reclusively, will be visiting San Francisco in April. Our conversation, about his work and the principles of masculine-feminine polarity and sacred sex, is having a deep impact on me, as I hope it will for you. Deida lives at the bleeding edge of practical Tantric philosophy. For those who are unfamiliar, this will be fun. For those who know Deida, it’s time to take it up a stage.

Lokita Carter is an extraordinary Tantra teacher whose last six months have been extremely challenging. In July she was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer. In September, the life she had long known as part of the Middletown-Harbin community burned to the ground. Then in October, her beloved husband and teaching partner, Steve, took their dog Coco for a walk on the trails in Fairfax, in Marin County—one of the safest places in the world. Steve was murdered. In an exclusive and candid interview, Lokita described how she is coping with cancer, fire, and grief—as part of the web of Tantra. During our unforgettable interview, I couldn’t contain my tears upon hearing the details of her struggle. You can only imagine my confusion at the role reversal as she handed me a Kleenex. I am so grateful for this experience—a life changer. Please read every word. One bright spot—Coco, who was also shot, survived though with a missing eye. What an awesome and inspiring pooch!

I am excited to have recruited a dear young friend, Carson Linforth Bowley, to write a poignant and insightful essay about his personal journey and 20-year addiction to online porn. This too is a must read—a cautionary tale for the Internet age. Thank you, brave Carson. You’re part of the change, as you surely know.

Thank you, Ram Dass and SARK, who need no introductions, for your
beautiful pieces on conscious love and succulent wild love, respectively.
Thank you, Katrina Vaillancourt, for “Solo-Poly,” your fascinating explanation of a relationship style that works for you—and perhaps others as a result of reading. Thank you, Rachael Vaughan, for “It’s Time to End the Myth of Emotional Self-Sufficiency.” Lisa Grossman strikes again with another witty autobiographical story, “Camper Dreams: On Dating a Lumberjack.”

We wish you a loving Valentine’s day. If you appreciate Common Ground, your thanks can be expressed by patronizing our advertisers—the best. Perhaps consider advertising your business or practice. Hope to see you around—particularly at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference.

Give love; give your love away,


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