Cover of "Common Ground" magazine, August 2011, featuring a person in mid-air, dressed in a sunflower-patterned outfit, holding a parasol and a fan, with a fog

July / August 2011

The Summer Issue

Thank you, Dr. Mark Schillinger, for contributing an intriguing feature on the subject of young men’s need for initiation. Mark is the founder of the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend. Observing him and his interactions with men, I was quickly impressed. He has a special skill in understanding both the foibles and the potential of the male psyche. He can coax adolescent boys into becoming the men they’ve been waiting to be. His approach is raw and honest. Over the winter, I encouraged him to write for this Summer issue, as it coincided with the outdoor theme.

Until very recently, it hadn’t occurred to me that Mark’s piece dovetails with the Burning Man theme, Rites of Passage. Suffice it to say that these subjects provide plenty to think about. We hope you enjoy these two features, as well as extraordinary photography from last year’s Burning Man, courtesy of Ales Prikryl.

Summer is a time to get away, but how far can we possibly go? Senior Editor Carrie Grossman reminds us that wherever we go, there we are. Our minds are always in tow.

Associate Editor Elizabeth Daniels reminds us that no matter how far we go, we tow our own portable technology. During a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, she compared her visit with a similar trip in the ’90s. The difference: In 1994, she didn’t own a cellphone or a GPS device. So, not that long ago, she had to actually pay attention to nature to navigate; she had to study a map and observe landmarks rather than being guided as a mere blip on a GPS screen.

We also look at foods, recommending certain ones to help protect our skin from damage. We examine the “Clean 15” and the “Dirty Dozen”—lists of foods ranked by the amount of pesticide residue they may contain. We recommend exploring craft beer and trying Zut!, a fun bistro in Berkeley.

Oh, did we mention the exceptional Picasso exhibit available to us in the Bay Area? Check out our layout of some of the world’s most superb art, but more importantly, check out the real thing. A rare treat at the de Young Museum.

Like Scott London’s cover image suggests, this is a lively, fun Summer issue. Please share it with friends and online via, Facebook, etc.

Like in December, when we produce a double issue, so too in July we mingle in August. Next stop is September, National Yoga Month. We love compiling the Yoga issue, for Common Ground is edited for yogis of all stripes. Consider advertising in the September issue and beyond. In the meantime, thank you for patronizing our sponsors, the best.

Catch you in September. Feel free to send us your feedback at [email protected].



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