Magazine cover featuring a colorful, ornate guitar illustration with bold text headlines about creativity and interviews in June 2013.

June 2013

The Creativity Issue

June has traditionally been our Music issue, but we decided to expand the focus this year to embrace creativity. And while music is certainly well represented, notably in our West Coast festival roundup, it has been fun to open up the theme.

We interviewed Alex Grey, the visionary artist, to ask him about the creative process. He’s a unique thinker who says his inspired expression is deeply entwined in the divine and mystical. I think you’ll appreciate it.

We caught up with Anna Halprin, who pioneered the expressive dance movement. She’s 92 and still remarkably spry, both physically and mentally. A wonderful inspiration.

You’re going to want to savor and revisit this issue, as it has lots of juicy stuff, starting with Julia Cameron’s piece about her Morning Pages practice. Julia knows a lot about inspiration. You’ll enjoy Scott Barry Kaufman’s essay, “How Social Rejection Fuels Creativity,” as well as Betsy Chasse’s (she coproduced the film What the Bleep do We Know?!) on encouraging new thought.

Whereas our society can be quite dismissive of the plight of the artist, Margot Knight, an expert on artist residency programs, has written compellingly on the need to nurture artists. This issue also has stories about the value of silence on creativity, the challenges of using mantras, and spiritual practices in the quest of becoming a creative warrior. We even have a story about how bugs make music. Delve in and bug out. You’ll be better off for it.

July/August brings our Summer issue, followed in September by our Yoga issue. Let us know your feedback and recommendations. We look forward to seeing you at the incredible festivals coming up this month and all summer long. We’re fortunate to live in such an expressive time.

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Hail, hail . . . to unbridled creative solutions!


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