Cover of "Common Ground" magazine, March 2016 issue, featuring a close-up image of dewy blueberries with headlines about food, life, and spirituality.

March 2016

The March Food Issue

Food . . . we depend on it for survival. And to thrive. I hope this issue piques a deeper investigation into your attitudes and respect for food. It has for me. Undoubtedly, David “Avocado” Wolfe will provoke. He is a young superstar in the food revolution. Both his parents were doctors, so he was exposed to hospitals and medical tradeshows from day one, and to an international lifestyle that never ceased. David is known as the Indiana Jones of superfoods because he travels nonstop in their pursuit. He’s got a massive following on social media and through the thousands of live events he holds around the world. He has no qualms challenging the status quo, especially one represented by the likes of Monsanto and Big Pharma, whom he accuses of Lysenkoism. Lysenkoism is the practice of subverting the scientific process to achieve a desired result and discarding any undesired result. David speaks up and is worth listening to. To me, he is another emblem of the antiestablishment, spare-methe-bullshit revolt that Americans are currently demanding—especially from politicians.

To complement our cover (and our conversation with David), we have a beautiful pictorial of superfoods. I hope you like it.

For perspective, I urge you to read Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins’s article, “What is Hunger?”

On the lighter side, we have a thorough feature on tea—and all the ways it can be appreciated. We also explore garlic, salt, and pasta in separate articles, with similar nods of gratitude.

I recommend Simone de Winter’s piece about prana, the essential underlying life-force energy that we can capture from food. Sadly, once food is harvested, its prana begins to evaporate. Her essay reminds us of the importance of eating fresh food. For me, the ante keeps getting raised. At one point, I was pleased just to cut out candy and processed foods. Of course, when I learned about pesticides and GMOs, I sought organic. There’s no end to the levels of consciousness we can achieve, right? This too applies to food—and fresh-vibrant is next rung on the ladder.

Thank you, Jeffrey Smith, for your sobering update on GMOs and glyphosate. Thank you, Marc David, for your fun investigation into the various types of food cravings. Thank you, Stephanie Gailing, for “Death Over Dinner,” wherein we learn about the new taboo-unraveling trend of talking about death—over a meal. And thank you, Robert Sachs, for “The Spirit of Food,” a kind reminder to be inclusive and not take all this diet stuff with religious zeal.

We received generous praise for the February Love issue. As ever, I urge readers to express their appreciation of Common Ground by simply patronizing our advertisers—the best. Independent local media requires your support, and that’s a wonderful way to show yours. And please consider becoming an advertiser yourself. We have a long, glorious track record of connecting people.

April will be our Green issue. May-June is our Creativity edition. July-August is our Summer issue. Is there anything we should know? Thanks again for your support and for reading Common Ground.

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