Cover of "common ground" magazine May 2010 issue featuring a statue of yoda, with headlines about jedi pride, gay pride, and other topics.

May 2010

The Bay Pride Issue

We’re especially proud of this first Bay Pride issue. Besides our unbridled chest beating over what’s unique about the Bay Area, this marks our first anniversary of taking the publication back under local, independent ownership. And what an interesting year it’s been. Thank you for supporting independent local media. The creative, grassroots community that is Common Ground is truly heartening.

We are thrilled to have Yoda, the iconic Jedi master, on our cover. Hats off to George Lucas, a local genius who has spread the venerable message of the Force across the globe since 1977. With little sign of slowing down, Lucas and his merry band of filmmakers continue to inspire — not from Hollywood but from right here.

Frustrated and bored as a student, Lucas represents the uncontainable pioneer spirit of these parts. As if he hadn’t already done his bit with Star Wars to awaken youth to the principle of consciousness, nearly 20 years ago he launched the George Lucas Educational Foundation, which is committed to helping teachers exchange the best in creative ideas and tools for improving education in the 21st century. Go, man, go! In this first-ever Common Ground Bay Pride issue, Lucas is honoree numero uno.

Tomes could be written in an attempt to capture the multifaceted sources of pride that glimmer throughout this blessed geography. We couldn’t touch but the tip of the tip of the surface, from Google to the de Young, from Harbin to City Hall.

Fortunately, every issue is the Bay Pride issue in some regard, so stay tuned as we continue to unravel fascinating trends flowing out of our conscious community.

As ever, we thank our advertisers who make all this happen. We are especially grateful to our readers who support the publication and its advertisers. June will bring our festive Music issue. For July and August we repeat our Summer issue, with a Burning Man preview. And September is National Yoga Month.

If you have an idea to contribute, or a recommendation for a good distribution point for the print version, send an email to [email protected]. We welcome your feedback.

With pride,


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