Cover of "Common Ground" magazine, May/June 2015 issue, featuring a colorful portrait of Jerry Garcia with text about the creativity issue's contents.

May / June 2015

The Creativity Issue

While I am in love with this issue, I have sadness in my heart, having learned that earlier this month one of our beloved colleagues, Ganshet Nandoskar, suddenly passed away. He had suffered a stroke a couple years back, and apparently a residual complication caused his death. Ganshet was a delightful and sweet soul who surely earned a spot in heaven. I am told he passed with a smile on his face, and I believe it. Ganshet wasn’t the guy to light the world on fire with type A drive, but he was honest and pure and loving, and that counts for everything. He was very proud of working at Common Ground and will be missed. Mahalo, dear friend.

The art of Jerry Garcia is the subject of our cover story, for Jerry’s passing was 20 years ago, and the Grateful Dead are commemorating their 50th anniversary with a Fare Thee Well tour. We’re so honored to have a sampling of Jerry’s private world, reflected in his sketches and paintings—something afar from his public musical persona. We all miss Jerry. I want to thank my friends Manasha and Keelin Garcia, who run the Jerry Garcia Foundation, for prompting this idea. Thank you, Baron Wolman, for your iconic 1969 image that graces our cover.

Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin are a unique mother and daughter duo. At 95, Anna is the great-grandmother of the conscious dance movement that is exploding today. Her daughter Daria grew up in fascinating circumstances, surrounding by creative genius. Together the two founded the Tamalpa Institute. I encourage you to read my interview with them. They are world-class experts on the subject of creativity.

In the same vein, I want to thank Mary Serphos for her essay on the conscious dance movement. I find it exciting, akin to the yoga explosion that transpired 10–15 years ago, with new modalities springing up all over the Bay Area and the world.

Thank you, Sharon Cummings, for piecing together our annual music festival roundup. That is always a popular feature. The summer of 2015 promises to be hot, hot, hot!

Thank you, Professor Omid Safi, for your reminder about the disease of being busy and to Austin Hill Shaw for sharing about the importance of creativity in the wellness process. While Kapil Gupta and Nick Jankel stimulate our reflections on the creative process, Rebekah Olstad takes us on a tour of the local museum circuit as an artist’s date outing.

What do the sound of music and the making of pasta have in common? Ask Eugene Ruffolo, who has mastered both. And thanks too to another musician and contributor, Russill Paul, whose essay we appreciate and whose upcoming visit to the Bay Area we anticipate.

We hope to see you out and about at the various festivals and gatherings, starting with Shakti Fest and Lightning in a Bottle. Woo-hoo!

In the next issue, July-August, we celebrate summer in all its facets, including our popular Burning Man preview.

As ever, we urge you to show any appreciation for this magazine by supporting its advertisers—the best.

Fare thee well,


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