Cover of "common ground" magazine featuring a close-up of two hands clasped, with text detailing the November 2010 issue contents, including an interview titled "With Gratitude.

November 2010

November marks our 36th anniversary,
and we have at least 36 reasons to be grateful.

To Andy Alpine, who in ’74, had a vision unlike any before
And our advertisers, whom we adore
To our writers who keep it lively and upbeat
And our editors who take the heat
To photographers who capture light
And diligent designers who work all night
To our printer who makes us look so good
On recycled paper from the neighborhood
Thanks to drivers who lug huge stacks
To willing friends with magazine racks
Thanks to readers who think we’re rad
And take extra time to read each ad
To our beloved Bay whose neighbors pave the way
And the rest of the world who likes what we say
To great thinkers who expand our horizons
And activists who rouse our passions
To local farmers, biodynamic and organic
And sumptuous dining, daring and classic
Thanks to musicians who make us hum and dance
And concert promoters who take the chance
Thanks to social workers and nonprofits
Defending the homeless and impoverished
To creative politicians who push the envelope
With ballot propositions to legalize dope
Thanks to yoga studios on every street
That offer sanctuary and retreat
Thanks to the mist from the west
And natural beauty for which we’re blessed
To Giants fans on the ropes
With therapy and prayer we cope
Thanks to God almighty
Friends, countrymen, and family
To all the great teachers
Fans in the bleachers
To all our readers, be they squares or hippies
Cuz San Francisco clinched the World Series!

Wooo hoooo!


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