October 2016 cover of Common Ground magazine featuring an artistic depiction of a flowing blue fabric, with text highlighting themes like revolution and women's empowerment.

October 2016

The Women Issue

In light of our nation having its first woman presidential nominee of a major party, we took a pictorial look at women in politics. It was gratifying to see that the US may soon join the ranks of other countries led by women. These include Germany (Angela Merkel) and England (Theresa May), plus South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Nepal, and more. Also, our pictorial draws attention to the upcoming races in this country, such as our own Kamala Harris’, where women are contending for US Senate seats and governor ships. The tide is changing.

I have two inspiring interviews in this issue, one with Dr. Christiane Northrup, the famous author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, regarded as the health Bible for women with an alternative mindset. The other is with Starhawk, the preeminent Bay Area neopagan activist and ecofeminist.

As a girl, Christiane withdrew from her sports-oriented family into academics and spirituality before attending Dartmouth Medical College. As an MD, she spoke out conclusively about the backwardness of the male-dominated medical community. Twenty-two years after the publication of her game-changing first book, and eight PBS specials later, Christiane is further stepping out of the proverbial closet and speaks unabashedly about her unconventional spiritual views.

Starhawk was an early hippie and feminist whose spiritual path led to
Wicca. Her decades of writing and activism make her one of the most respected elders in the modern earth-based spirituality and ecofeminism movements. Leading Spiral Dances throughout the Bay Area, she is an ardent activist who teaches the regenerative principles of permaculture. Both Starhawk and Christiane concluded our conversations with sage advice, particularly for younger women trying to find their way.

Accordingly, I want to salute our young contributors Amanda Agustin and Esmé Ablaza, who write intelligently and succinctly with a perspective. Common Ground increasingly welcomes the voices of younger writers.

Thank you to William Keepin and Cynthia Brix (who will be speaking at Bioneers) for their essay “Revolution of the Heart: Gender Healing as a Path to the Beloved.” We’re also grateful to Sidra Stone for her piece “The Inner Patriarch: An Invisible Force That Holds Women Back.”

Returning writers Megan McFeely and Judy Tsuei, respectively, contributed “Longing: An Exploration of Feminine Power” and “How to Start Loving Yourself So Your Child Can Too: Why Mothers Need to Be Mindful of Their Body Image Talk.” You’ll like these, as well as Sahaja Douglass’ “Beauty Unveiled: Ancient Recipe for a Most Radiant Self.”

On a sexy note, Daven Lee contributed a provocative essay about female ejaculation, a topic I discussed with Christiane Northrup. Christiane confirmed that the medical community simply ignores this sacred faculty of women.

September was busy with travel to festivals, and this October we look forward to seeing you at the Science and Nonduality Conference as well as at Bioneers.

As ever, your appreciation of the magazine is best expressed by patronizing our advertisers—the best.

Many prayers and blessings,


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