Magazine cover titled "common ground" from September 2009 featuring a male and female in a complex yoga pose, with titles about national yoga month and other articles.

September 2009

September is National Yoga Month

About face! As little as a week ago, the concept for this issue’s cover to commemorate National Yoga Month was very different. Then the option to carry the Jasper Johal photo beautifully presented itself, so I ran it by some people, including the folks at National Yoga Month, to get their feedback. “Yes, run it!” was the resounding response.

Jasper’s work is known in yoga circles, and I had been aware of him for years before our paths crossed. Admittedly, because “Jasper” sounds Germanic, I envisioned a prima donna, Helmut Newton–type prodigy. But after mustering the courage to call, I discovered a sweet and humble yogi with an Indian accent—a delight to work with.

Just as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is now displaying a Richard Avedon retrospective, I predict important galleries and museums will show Jasper Johal some day.

This is a long way of saying I hope you like the cover, the photo layouts and the content. I am honored to help promote a 5,000-year tradition in the pages of this magazine and to work with inspired writers and photographers.

Thank you for your overwhelming appreciation of the summer issue, with the Burning Man preview; it was quite popular. I learned that the greeters at Burning Man have newly printed T-shirts quoting one of Common Ground’s descriptions of the event. This I want to see for myself!

Next month the theme is “women,” and for the November issue we’re planning a 35th anniversary retrospective.

Remember last spring when I mentioned something about a party? Well, some details remain to be confirmed, but save the date, November 14th, during the Green Festival. It promises to be a night to remember as Common Ground celebrates 35 years of pioneering the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) premise.

Finally, I urge you to please show your support of this free magazine by patronizing our advertisers. And while you’re at it, consider becoming an advertiser yourself. Shoot an email or give a call. We’ve a 35-year track record of connecting people.

Many blessings,


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