Cover of "common sense" magazine featuring a woman in a yoga pose, with text detailing the September 2010 issue's focus on national yoga month and related articles.

September 2010

September is National Yoga Month

Given our special bond with Bay Area yogis, we take pride in being the Bay Area yoga publication. To commemorate the September is National Yoga Month initiative, we dedicate our issue to this wondrous theme.

Though commonly associated with physical postures, the subject of yoga is as vast as the cosmos. And while the sticky mat is as good a place as any to hop on the path of yoga, it is not the only one. We can face every aspect of life with a yogic approach. This long and mystical journey is said to be the path to liberation.

With this issue’s theme having such a deep tradition and infinite new tentacles, where to begin? I followed James Fox, a dedicated yoga instructor, into San Quentin prison to observe how the practice can benefit those behind bars. In chronicling an afternoon inside that fabled old dungeon, I learned quite a thing or two about society and the importance of rehabilitation. Often it’s but an unfortunate knee-jerk reaction in a weak moment that can lead to a jail sentence, and then a succession of sentences. The power of yoga is that it teaches self-observance, self-control, and right action — a powerful recipe for rehabilitation.

Since visiting San Quentin, I’ve often reflected on the fact that we are all in prison, if only the prison of our minds, where the rate of recidivism is close to 100 percent.

Those preferring lighter fare, or faeries, will enjoy an enchanted exposé on pixie yoga. To get this worldwide scoop, we sent photographer Faern on a secret mission into the deep woods, where she successfully captured the habits and postures of these mysterious imps. Friends report that Faern has been acting very differently since documenting the pixies. She’s been seen skipping around the streets of San Francisco, spending more time in parks and open spaces, donning curious ribbons and lace, and leaving traces of glitter in her wake. At least her website remains operative, at

We also have an exciting story on the intersection of yoga and dance, as well as insights into mudra (finger) yoga, Slackline Yoga, Bikram Yoga, vinyasa yoga, yoga apps for your mobile device, yoga as the new happy hour, yoga in bed, the yoga of loneliness, and more.

As last year, we want to thank Jasper Johal ( for his masterful cover photo.

October is the Women issue. Is there something we should know about? Email us at [email protected]. In the meantime, thank you for supporting our wonderful advertisers, whose sponsorship makes this free community magazine a reality.

Namaste. May your practice thrive.


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