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Sahaj Atma: Mantras That Illuminate the Soul

Sahaj Atma is a new release from India’s Manish Vyas, who has toured the world supporting Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal and Miten, Prem Joshua, and with his own band. Over the course of more than a dozen releases, Manish has offered some of the most gently beautiful and devotional music on the planet! This latest music travels through a simple but delightful landscape of ancient, powerful mantras.

As always, each piece is supported by the finest Indian musicians on sitar, bansuri flute, violin, tabla, harmonium, tanpura, swarmandal. This is a compilation of sacred songs that can be played during Sadhana, meditation, relaxation, yoga . . . or just gently devotional listening to create good energy and a loving atmosphere. Sahaj Atma is an invitation to come closer to one’s natural self—into the space of devotion, grace, oneness, love, and silence.

Cover Sahaj Atma: Mantras That Illuminate the Soul

Sahaj Atma is a collection of mantras, composed and arranged by Manish over the past four years, during a period of much personal learning, a time of changes and realizations. What Manish discovered is that although one can be inspired by outside sources, ultimately the real teacher is inside. Sahaj atma refers to the natural state of a being, the innocent state uncontaminated by conditionings and rules imposed by the society through our lives.

Sahaja is that nature that, when established in oneself, brings the state of absolute freedom and peace. This exquisite, truly sacred music serves as a guiding light toward this inner destination. Simply listen—the music will subtly do its own work.


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