Original Thinking

Posted on in Art + Soul by Jackie Cassidy

By Glenn Aparacio Parry

There are presently many speculations as to how to save the planet and ourselves.

According to human potential pioneer Dr. Jean Houston, Original Thinking: A Radical ReVisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature by Glenn Aparacio Parry (North Atlantic Books) is perhaps the bravest and the most effective means to reeducate ourselves to the luminous life of the undivided consciousness.

In his new book, Parry posits that our modern world is faced with countless dilemmas of our own making, all traceable to our particular way of linear and rational thinking. This mode of thinking, presumed to be the most advanced, has in truth lost something along the way—something so vital that our very existence may depend on it. Specifically, we have forgotten the origin of our thinking—nature—and thus become severed from the source of our consciousness. The result of this loss is devastating—both to ourselves and to the ecology that surrounds us. Houston states, “If widely read, this potent work can have the most profound consequences in restoring us to the soul of the world and the world of soulful, natural living.” We agree.



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