Prayers For Freedom

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Ma Muse

With deep roots in the folk and gospel traditions and their hearts in the present, Ma Muse (Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker) create uplifting music for the next seven generations to thrive on. Their newest release, Prayers for Freedom, is an inspired mix of heartfelt harmonies lifted reverently above sultry strings and earthy percussion. The songs have developed from live performances and a new level of song crafting.

Playing a family of acoustic instruments including upright bass, guitar, mandolins, ukulele, and flutes, and backed by their fine drummer Mike Wofchuck, these two powerful women embody a love for all of life. The synergy created through this musical connection is moving to witness. It’s a magic carpet ride of delight, sailing through clouds, enriched by the sun, grounded and planted in the earth. As above, so below!

Cover Prayers for Freedom Ma Muse

With deep love for the planet and all of its inhabitants, each song honors our surroundings, interactions on every level, and the possibilities and prayers for freedom that are everywhere evident. Songs like “The Power of Kindness,” “We Shall Be Known,” “God’s Eyes,” and “River Run Free” speak to our roots, preserving tradition, and saving the future for generations to come. Honeybees, flowers, flowing streams, newborns and little babies, soul sisters and the abiding love and support of each other, and being present to beauty and tenderness — all are fair game in these moving offerings. MaMuse serve as modern song carriers, buoyed by seamless interplay, shared voices, and the Creator’s hand.

These fine original songs, infused with improvised storytelling, leave audiences softened and singing along. It seems that all who hear them fall in love with MaMuse — they are celebrating the release of this CD at a May 25th concert at Unity in Marin (Novato) where you may begin or continue your own love affair!


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