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Sanctifying Your Sexuality


Enlightenment is characterized by a deep relationship with our inner Selves/Souls through which we experience oneness with Source, as well as with each other. Intimacy (“into me see”) is a process of revelation whereby each person in the relationship reveals their hidden Self in the presence of the other. The vulnerability of intimate relationships results from the stripping away of the ego (personality) with its layers of defense. Through this healing process, we become transparent, allowing the light of the Souls to shine forth unimpeded by the past.

Now, a new, emerging paradigm of spiritual growth offers the opportunity to quicken our paths of enlightenment through our intimate relationships.

Soul-Infused Intimacy

The new paradigm of spiritual growth calls us to Soul-infused intimacy. Soul-infused intimacy is characterized by the presence of the Soul. The degree to which the Soul is present in a relationship depends on the opening of the heart center. To assess your level of Soul-infused intimacy, ask yourself this: Do I live from my heart center?

  • » Do I take full responsibility for my part in all my experiences, choosing to heal the old feelings underlying my emotional responses, or do I blame others?
  • » Am I honest about my thoughts and feelings, or am I secretive?
  • » Am I trusting and trustworthy?
  • » Do I share unconditionally, or do I withhold from others?
  • » Do I create peace or dissension in my relationships?
  • » Do I address conflict by enacting the love and power of my Soul, or am I codependent?
  • » Am I compassionate or judging?
  • » Am I cooperative or competitive?
  • » Do I celebrate the accomplishments, gifts, and talents of others, or do I envy them?

It is time to take our spiritual healing to a new level through Soul-infused intimacy. It is time to stop hiding and to become transparent, overcoming our guilt and shame through revelation of what we have kept hidden from ourselves and others. Our perception of separation from Soul, or Source—the root of all our experiences of lack, pain, struggle, and suffering—creates a state of isolation. Overcoming isolation and separation requires intimate relationships in which the Soul can find a home.

Sacred Sexuality

Soul-infused intimacy is the foundation for the transformation of our sexuality from the mundane to the sacred.

In the goddess tradition, the priestess, or holy woman, is fully empowered sexually. She knows the sacredness of her body, her sexuality, and her lovemaking. She knows her vagina as sacred ground. The priestesses of old were the counterpart to the magician. The feminine and masculine were equal. Their sexual union, hieros gamos, was performed as high ceremony. Through her orgasm, the priestess experienced ecstatic union with the Divine. In communion with the priestess and her orgasm, the male—the magician—also experienced ecstatic union with the Divine. That union is an experience of deep intimacy with Source.

In the new paradigm of spiritual growth, all women have the ability—and are called—to be priestesses. As a priestess, a woman honors her Self, her body, and her sexuality. She chooses partners with whom she can create sexual experiences as sacred ceremony, for ecstatic union with the Divine. Men, in this new paradigm, see women and their bodies as sacred and treat them accordingly. Both women and men, of any sexual orientation, commit to the highest energetic activation possible through sexuality.

Sanctifying Your Sexuality

Sacred sexuality is not about the physical act of sex or anything else external. It is about the presence of the Soul. To bring the sacred into your sexuality:

Commit to your spiritual growth. As you evolve spiritually, you achieve ever-higher levels of Soul contact through which you are able to embody the sacred.

Take yourself as your beloved. Commitment, like love, begins with the Self. Our sacred marriage is with our Souls. Marry your Self. Become your bride and groom. Your Soul is the only partner you require to experience sacred sexuality.

Heal and activate your feminine nature. A deep connection with the sacred feminine is required for us to access our Souls, which are available to us through heart-centered feelings and intuitive impulses. The development of the sacred feminine takes on heightened importance for heterosexual men without partners, homosexual men, and women who are more naturally aligned with their masculine sides.

Use discernment in choosing sexual partners. Be sure your sexual partners are energetically correct for you. If their level of consciousness is significantly lower than yours, rather than experiencing spiritual expansion through sexual union, you will experience energetic contraction.

See yourself and your lover as divine. When you experience your lover and yourself as divine expressions and your lovemaking as a spiritual opportunity to know oneness with Source, sexuality becomes an instrument for divine union and a gateway to ecstatic states of consciousness.

Choose to heal your sexual and intimacy wounds. Delve beneath your sexual addictions, aversions, compulsions, perversions, and other dependencies to the source of your sexual and intimacy wounds and choose to heal them.

Dedicate your sexual unions to expanding Soul contact. Through intentionality, bring the divine presence forward into your outerworld experiences.

Let us choose to accelerate our spiritual growth through Soul-infused intimacy and sacred sexuality. Let us embrace our relationships as profound gateways into the sacred Self and understand our relationship challenges as portals to our deep, unhealed feelings. Let us open to “healing through feeling,” releasing our old patterns of projection and blame. Let us see ourselves and each other as expressions of the Divine, honoring our sacred connectivity. Let us cherish the sacred feminine using the archetype of the priestess and magician as a doorway to a living sacred sexuality. Let us make love and experience ecstatic union with the Divine.

Natalia Schotte, PhD, is founder and president of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences. She is a pioneer in the field of spiritual growth.

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