Songs of Resilience

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde


Some artists can bring true commitment to age-old meditations, urging everyone from pop stars to theater audiences to fall in love with the words of South Asian sages. Some artists have a presence that deeply engages and soothes, an ear that can hear the resonances that bridge continents and souls, and a voice that transmits pure humanity. Vocalist and songwriter Simrit—born in Athens, Greece, adopted and raised in the American South—is the rare artist who merges these gifts.

Drawing on the harmonic beauty of the Greek Orthodox chants she grew up with, adding the pulse and melodic sensibilities of West African traditions she studied, Simrit and her ensemble tease out distinct facets of devotional poetry and the intimate ardors of the spirit on Songs of Resilience. Working with an elegant, expressive musical palette rich cello, exquisite kora, and rolling percussion, Simrit reveals new sides to ancient gems, encouraging listeners to find grounding endurance, hope, and transformation.

Several well-known mainstream artists have commented on Simrit’s unique and creative freshness, such as Snatam Kaur, who wrote, “Simrit’s voice, her music, and her teaching, reflect this devotion, which seems to come so effortlessly. This devotion is a gift, a talent beyond any, that will lead thousands into the lightness of being and awareness so vital to humanity in this day and age.”

Simrit’s first four diverse and excellent albums, From the Ancient Storms, Simrit, Oracle Sessions, and The Sweetest Nectar, foreshadowed the beauty, power, and impact of Songs of Resilience. She plunges the depths of beauty while scaling the heights and the wildness of the Warrior Goddess on this new CD. Join Simrit and her band on October 28 at TMS Performing Arts Center in San Rafael.


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