The Dance and the Wonder

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Sam Garrett

Cover The Dance & The Wonder Sam Garrett

I like nothing more than hearing a new artist I’ve never encountered before. And this artist, Sam Garrett, takes the cake! His music is seriously joyful, deep and uplifting—every song, phrase, nuance, and note, bar none. Sam Garrett is an extraordinary songwriter on his way to the pinnacle. His voice floats and penetrates, graceful and inviting, a voice of our times that recalls Paul Simon, Miten, and surely Bob Marley. He hits the high notes and all the “oohs,” and his guitar playing is top-notch throughout.

There is an eternally pleasing quality to this album, inciting inspiration, tenderness, expansion, soulful possibilities, and the desire to play it endlessly on repeat. Sam’s lyrics are wholehearted, never trite, with a universality born of superb production, impeccable musicianship, and a flowing magic carpet with room for all.

The Dance and the Wonder is a beautiful listening experience. Sam brings a magical energy to these 14 amazing, thoroughly complete and original songs, including a couple of chant interpretations that lift the listener high
to the sky. His profound music has brought everyone with whom I’ve shared The Dance and the Wonder into a deep sense of belonging and

With his soulful voice, laid-back hippie charm, and skillful guitar playing, his melody-driven songs spread love and light to all. Be prepared to fall all the way in love with Sam Garrett. His earlier EPs and singles also measure up, but The Dance and the Wonder puts it all together. I have not been drawn this fully into someone’s music in a long, long time. Find Sam’s music on all platforms; contact me directly for CDs of The Dance and the Wonder.

—LLOYD BARDE ([email protected])

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