The Gut Wellness Guide

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by Allison Post and Stephen Cavaliere
(North Atlantic Books)

Here in Northern California gut health seems to be the perennial talk of the town. Post-holiday slumps, summer, anti-aging schemes—somehow all roads lead to the gut. With popular diets armed with fierce marketing budgets, I find it quite easy to get sucked into quasi-evangelical promises of health, weight loss, and stress reduction. Consequently I have said no to a delectable carb or two, and yes to steak.

The Gut Wellness Guide Allison Post and Stephen Cavaliere foreword by Sara  Gottfried, md

Not long ago I came across a copy of The Gut Wellness Guide by Marin locals Allison Post and Stephen Cavaliere. I’ve grown leery of methods and guides that make a lot of promises, but this book offers a different take. It offers information about eating healthfully and ways to improve digestion and nourish the microbiome. However, the focus is largely on how to use touch and breath to heal the gut, release built-up stress, and improve overall health. This approach makes sense given the pair’s background: Post is a longtime somatic educator and integrative medicine health coach and Cavaliere is an expert fitness coach.

After a few weeks of experimenting with the different breathing and self-massage techniques modeled and a few small diet changes, I’m a believer. Why? I appreciate that I did not have to buy a new blender or a bottle of trademarked probiotics. Also Post and Cavaliere offer a literal manual on how to remove that built-up stress and tension—and who can’t get on board with that?

Join Post and Cavaliere at their book launch celebration at Book Passage in Corte Madera on September 15th at 1pm.


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