The Humming Effect

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Sound Healing for Health and Happiness
By Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman

The Humming Effect: Sound Healing for Health and Happiness is a conscious guide to humming. Jonathan and Andi Goldman show that you don’t need to be a musician or singer to benefit from sound healing practices — all you need to do is hum. You don’t need to pay for a fancy tuning fork to experience the benefits of sound healing; instead, you can simply hum for free.

They provide conscious humming and breathing exercises from simple to advanced, complete with online examples. There is also an audio download that accompanies this book that is extremely helpful and informative for those of us who have not practiced this technique before.

Cover The Humming Effect

Jonathan and Andi explore the science behind sound healing, revealing how self-created sounds can literally rearrange molecular structure. They demonstrate how humming not only helps with stress levels, sleep, and blood pressure but also increases lymphatic circulation and melatonin production. Humming also releases endorphins, creates new neural pathways in the brain, and releases nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter fundamental to health and wellbeing. As they research the science behind sound healing, they convey their research in a way that anyone can understand.

The authors show how sound can act as a triggering mechanism for the manifestation of your conscious intentions. They also examine the spiritual use of humming, including its use as a sonic yoga technique and its role in many world traditions, such as the Om, Aum, or Hum of Hindu and Tibetan traditions.

Who knew that humming could be so beneficial to our health and happiness? In The Humming Effect, the Goldmans prove that humming is free, easy, available to all, and beneficial for your health and happiness.


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