The Sentinel

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Jonn Serrie

Expanding the musical space vision he has navigated for years, Jonn Serrie’s new Sentinel shimmers brightly in today’s universe. Thirty years ago, the music of Jonn’s And the Stars Go With You was the theme music for widespread radio shows like Music from the Hearts of Space and Musical Starstreams. He has since revolutionized electronic music. He creates a unique approach by combining the timeless depths of space with spiritual musical vision.

Serrie, a leading planetarium composer, has been looking to the heavens for inspiration for decades. He began playing piano and church organ at 7, with his grandmother as his teacher. He has done some pop-oriented instrumentals, but he seems most at home in the longer-form space-music journeys for which he is known.

Cover The Sentinel Jinn Serrie

Jonn is considered the most accomplished visionary composer in America, a pioneer who has partnered with astronauts John Glenn and Chuck Yeager and performed at NASA events. Jonn is also a pilot with advanced instrument and commercial ratings and flies for the Civil Air Patrol as a search-and-rescue pilot. Alongside Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, and David Parsons, Serrie is a cornerstone of space, or ambient, electronic music, and has worked on projects for Lucasfilm, IMAX, US Navy, Hayden Planetarium, and CNN.

The Sentinel represents a virtual reality journey, going deep into his imagination and musical universes to create audio chapters of space music that the listener can experience firsthand. In this journey, you are the sentinel on the command bridge in a spacesuit—it is your universe. The music is influenced by Stewart Cowley’s superb book series of the Terran Trade Authority: Spacecraft, Spacewreck, and Great Space Battles. Jonn says, “My music exists to help us explore a sense of ourselves and our place in the universe.” Welcome aboard!


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