The Spiritual Mysteries of Blood

Posted on in Art + Soul by Melissa Baer

By Christopher Vasey

Having been aware of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas about the spiritual significance of our blood, I was intrigued to see a new book come across my desk called The Spiritual Mysteries of Blood by Christopher Vasey, ND. For being such a slender volume, it’s packed with fascinating information. Vasey basically takes up the esoteric idea that our blood acts as the bridge between body and spirit. He explains how our blood’s natural radiation connects our bodies to our spirits and serves as a means of communication between the two. As a naturopath, Vasey also offers practical nutrition, diet, and health tips to help the reader maintain blood health for spiritual purposes.

Most interesting perhaps is Vasey’s writing on the spiritual purpose of eating. Vasey reveals how highly processed diets, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heavy metal poisoning, medications, drugs, and alcohol negatively affect blood radiation and lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. The book gives advice on the ideal diet for each individual, whether omnivore, vegetarian, or allergyprone, to optimize blood radiation. The author suggests a diet that focuses on organically produced and additive-free food to avoid introducing any toxins or artificial ingredients into the bloodstream.

Blood does far more than transport oxygen and nutrients. It removes metabolic wastes and conveys hormonal messages from one cell to another. Every change in the composition of our blood induces changes in our state of being and influences our psychic state. Many mental conditions such as loss of drive, unexplained sadness, and irritability can be treated by restoring balance to the blood.

The Spiritual Mysteries of Blood is a small book at 160 pages, but it’s filled with fascinating writing on the blood’s connection to the spiritual states and how to maintain the overall health of our blood for spiritual reasons.


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