What Makes Us Feel Loved

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By Britten W. Beauvoix

What does love feel like, and how do we know we are loved?

In a thoughtfully constructed homage to this all-pervading, often mysterious universal current of Creation, author and relationship expert Britten W. Beauvoix guides us on a profound journey to our hearts through previously uncharted passageways.

The author spent 14 years collecting firsthand accounts of what makes people feel loved. She talked to people in airports, in the street, on buses, and in grocery stores and was enlightened by these conversations. Through the process she became an enthusiastic listener and learned how to better help people stay in the flow of love. According to Beauvoix, a person’s eyes will sparkle and their voice will soften when speaking about love in context. “You’ll smile from the inside,” says the author.

What Makes Us Feel Loved is an intimate collection of discussions from people all around the world, age 5 to 101, who reveal that it’s simple things like a hug from a child, holding hands with a loved one, or having nice things done for them by their spouse that make them feel loved and cared for.

The book explores the three R’s of love: recognizing, receiving, and re-creating. They involve moving past fear and doubt and being able to fully accept and embrace compliments from others. They also teach us how to genuinely express gratitude to loved ones.

Through insightful analysis, Beauvoix, who holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology, elaborates on the art of exploring our own emotions, as well as how to successfully navigate into the lives of our partners, our families, and our peers. The book serves as a charming manual on how to stay continually uplifted and refreshed by the gift of love in our lives.


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