Wild Belonging

Posted on in Art + Soul by Lloyd Barde

Sarah Nutting

Born in nature’s beauty way, these 10 new songs by Sarah Nutting are true to the Wild Belonging title. As one half of the beloved MaMuse duo, Sarah has been growing these songs and watching them bloom with great nurturing care over many recent journeys. Each is sculpted to rekindle the aliveness of all aspects of this precious life. Sarah has a voice like honey, round and warm, soft in strength, and her songs are penned in reverence for the earth and everyday experience. The songs reflect new life and love, return to innocence, and wide-eyed gratitude for our inner introspections and inspirations.

The title track in particular speaks to how we “feel each other, feed each other, meet each other, need each other, now more than ever.” Some songs are “So Sexy,” others about the “Little Baby” or “Hands in Love.” It’s a potpourri of honoring the earth and its creatures, seas, and above all, our “Wildflower of Humanity” among this family of beings. The music swings, sways, soothes, cajoles, and finds tender places of life giving birth, in the same vein as the four excellent albums by MaMuse. This music rocks you gently in the cradle and shines in delight with musical and rhythmic intricacies.

Cover Wild Belonging Sarah Nutting

Sarah is joined by her MaMuse partner Karisha Longaker on three songs, and by wonderfully supportive musicians such as Jared May on bass, Shannon Hayden on cello, Walter Strauss on guitar, Don Zemelman on piano and organ, and Mike Wofchuck (also a MaMusey) on percussion. This is a splendid album of soulful and meaningful songs with a heartfelt yearning and deep sincerity that underscores Sarah’s versatility, both as a songwriter and singer. MaMuse.org


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