Women in Politics

Posted on in Features by Rob Sidon

The Rising Tide

The upcoming November election cycle is unprecedented, because for the first time in history a woman is in position to become President of the United States. Ours would not be the first country to be led by a female head of state. Angela Merkel has been governing Germany since 2005. Theresa May is Prime Minister of England and Nicola Sturgeon is First Minister of Scotland. South Korea, Taiwan, Austria, Chile, Nepal, Croatia, Lithuania, Liberia, Malta, Mauritius and the Marshall Islands also have women presidents.

At Common Ground we’re proud to illustrate this rising tide of women assuming political leadership and we want to draw attention to a host of women candidates running for governor and the US Senate in November, including California’s own Kamala Harris. Change matters and we encourage a vision of government that reflects the diversity of the people it serves.

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