You Are Not Delicate

Posted on in On Our Radar by Mikayla Gounard

Student Poems

By Mikayla Gounard, age 10

You are not delicate.
You are the moonlight of unique iridescence.
You are nothing but love drifting away on a summer day.
You are like a rough teddy bear nobody wants to cuddle.
You are a dog that got lost in the riverbed and got found by a loving one.
You are a beautiful monster who drifted off to sleep like a baby.
You are a bucket of sequins shining bright.
You are a screw whirling in the wind like a butterfly nobody wants to tame.
You are my sunshine.
I see through a mirror not knowing where you are.
You are a bunch of carrots getting sold, getting transferred.
Home by home. Mouth by mouth.
You are safe by my side, like a precious diamond shining bright.
You are not delicate.

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